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Hrushikesh Gargote

National Level Bodybuilder



Functional Training, Strength Training, Human Anatomy, Nutrition and Event management.

Experience & Transformations

6+ years experience in fitness industry.
Has transformed more than 50+ clients.


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Hours Of Support


LBS of fat loss


Personalized diet plan

We provide fully customized diet plan which gives flexibility

Personalized Workout Plan

Presentations are communication tools

Event management

We organize fitness related events like Marathon, Cyclothon

Fitness boot camp

We provide virtual and live fitness bootcamp sessions

Live Webinars

We provide live webinars of nutrition and exercise with human anatomy.

Whey Protein Supplements

We have worlds best quality whey protein hydrolyzed supplement

Personal Training sessions

We provide personal workout sessions at your place

Corporate Wellness Program

We educate employees in corporate sector by conducting wellness education programs and trainings.

Follow up & support

We take follow up of every client and keep a track of their progress and provide support of 18x7 to resolve thier queries

Clients Transformation


Detox Plan


2 Weeks


Diet and Workout plan


Helps to remove harmful toxins from your body and helps your body to accept nutrition from food to get faster results

Price : 800 INR

Intermediate Plan


2 Weeks


Diet and Workout plan

2 live virtual Workout sessions


This plan helps to achieve your fitness goal with very less time.

Specially designed personalized diet & workout plan makes easy for you to follow the routine even in busy lifestyle.

Live 1-1 workout sessions will help you to correct your form and posture.

Price : 1200 INR

Advance Plan


4 Weeks


Diet and Workout plan

2 live virtual Workout sessions


Helps to loose fat faster with daily changing diet cycles.

Highly benificial for the people whose weight is stuck and ladies who have gained weight post pregnency.

Live 1-1 workout sessions will help you to correct your form and posture.

Price : 2400 INR

Transformation Package


8 Weeks


2 weeks Detox plan

2 weeks Intermediate Plan

4 weeks Advance Plan

4 live virtual Workout sessions


This plan is combination of all the plans helps to create a powerful transformation results in no time.

Live 1-1 workout sessions will help you to correct your form and posture.

Price : 3999 INR



Whey Protein Hydrolyze

Chocolate Flavour INR 3999 /-

Offer : Free detox plan

Whey Protein Hydrolyze

Coffee Flavour INR 3999 /-

Offer : Free detox plan


Frequently Asked Questions

Does maintaining physical fitness requires major lifestyle change ?

No, fitness can be achieved through small changes in what you eat and your level of activity. It's really that simple. Remember that you can start out slowly; work your way up to a higher level of activity, and implement more dietary changes over time. Patience is essential. Don't try to do too much too soon, and don't quit before you have a chance to experience the rewards of improved fitness and a healthy diet!

Weight loss should be the most important goal of fitness and exercise. True or False?

False. It's a fact that weight loss is the main reason people exercise at all, but losing weight is certainly not the only benefit of exercising and should therefore not be the main goal. If you're starting a fitness program, don't make weight loss your only goal! Strive to feel better or to have more energy. You'll get more out of your program if you notice the small payoffs that exercise provides in a very short amount of time.

Can more sweat during a workout, will burn more fat from body ?

No, the amount you sweat is indicative of your body's ability to maintain its normal body temperature. You sweat when your body starts to store heat so you can experience cooling via evaporation of that sweat. So it doesn't correlate to how much energy, or calories, is being expended."

A desirable level of fitness can be achieved through as little as how many workouts per week?

Frequency, duration, intensity, and what kinds of exercises you do should be determined by what you are trying to accomplish. Your goals, your present fitness level, age, health, skills, interests, and convenience are among the factors you should consider. Still, you can reach your fitness goals in as little as three workouts per week.

Strength training, such as lifting weights, will result in a bulky appearance. True or False?

False. It is not true that lifting weights will result in a bulky appearance. According to Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, "This is a myth that deters a lot of women from strength training, when in fact, what determines the amount of muscle bulk a person has is largely dependent on genetic factors."

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